welcome_picThere are hundreds of demolition contractors, spread throughout the UK, all wanting your business and a few claiming to be the best, cheapest, quickest and most boasting a list of references and accreditations as long as your arm. So who to choose? Difficult even for experienced clients and especially so for someone getting involved with the Industry for the first time!

In years long gone Demolition was the dreaded trade for many clients who had experienced the fallout from the bad practice used by contractors who thought by buying a machine and getting a few lads from the “exchange” they could become a Demolition expert.

Thank heavens things have moved on from those dark days and with the advent of the National Demolition Training Group and the Construction Skills Certification Scheme clients have a degree of peace of mind knowing that there are Demolition Companies out there with trained operatives.

And yes, we are one of them but we don’t claim to be the best or the cheapest or quickest. Our pledge is simple and with some things beyond our control we will not make guarantees we cant keep. We will just endeavour at all times to do our, best and as many long-standing satisfied customers will testify, we have always done that and will continue to do so.