welcome_picDuring the 50 odd years that we have been in business we have, as you would expect, tackled everything from a tower block to a toilet block!

Each project has its own particular problems and procedures and management in put will be afforded accordingly. Some will entail numerous visits to site and many days of planning and others may just require a review of the requirements and method with our experienced staff.

The most exacting projects must be airports and over the years we have worked in many including Heathrow and the Ministry of Defence’s RAF Northolt.

Airport security is paramount and none more so than Northolt where many Dignitaries, Heads of State and Her Majesty the Queen, who has her own fleet of jets based there, tend to use for convenience and easy access to London etc. Working under such scrutiny and conditions has its “moments” but here at B-L we love a challenge and Airport jobs certainly present that.

A close runner up to airports must be the pharmaceutical and chemical works; here you have a mixture of high security and exacting safe working demands. GSK are one such company who demand nothing but an A1 performance throughout and will not accept anything less. We are proud to state that GSK have in many cases requested main contractors to considered B-L for the job.We have also worked directly for this worldwide corporation.

The award for the largest job to date probably goes to a project for the St.Albans based Bourne Wood Partnership. The Distribution Centre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire was the main warehousing facility for the Hemel Hempstead Corporation- DSG International better known as Dixons. Spread over 9.5 hectares with buildings covering 35,000 m2 the 6 month project was successfully completed on time and on budget

The Buncefield explosion in December 2005 saw a dearth of work for B-L and to this day we still get the odd enquiry for the Maylands Avenue Industrial Estate in Hemel Hempstead. The fuel depot went up in the early hours of Sunday 11th December and damage has now been estimated at one billion pounds! B-L were called in very early on and demolished and made safe numerous factories for the major Insurance companies. Fortunately most people were in bed when the bang was heard and consequently very few injuries were reported. However the expression “Did the earth move for you darling” was the standing (or maybe laying) joke for some while in and around the Hertfordshire Countryside!

Having flagged up some of the larger projects we have completed, leads us to one of the smallest. A phone call from a long-standing client about a small job in Chiswick took us down memory lane to price what turned out to be are old abode in Stile Hall Gardens. When we first started in business in the late 60’s our HQ! was a former coal order office, which measured around 4m x 2.5m and was rented for the princely sum of £2 per week, humble beginnings ey! Did we get the job, what do you think?

So there you have it, we have given you a short resume of some of the demolition jobs we have completed over the years, some very small, some pretty big, some for large Corporations, some small builders or members of the public but all done with one thing in mind, to satisfy you the customer and as we have clients that have been placing work with us for over 40 years, we must be doing something right!