A Solution to the clients nightmare

In the 50 years we have been in Demolition there is one question that keeps occurring, can we take on everything a client needs to do to deliver their cleared site?

The answer is yes and mindful of planning and CDM obligations, this is what we can do.


Discuss with client what specification they require e.g. slabs/foundations removed, hoardings and re cycling/crushing requirements and if any security is required during the period of non site activity and agree a budget.

Produce our Insurance documents and business/ training accreditations.


After agreeing the above we can send all statutory notices to local authorities, H&SE and Environmental Agency.

Contact all statutory service suppliers and arrange quotations for disconnection/ diversions. Send quotations for payment by you/us and attend site where requested by service suppliers.

demo-03Where required we will appoint an approved CDM Coordinator to produce a Pre Demolition

Health & Safety Plan.

They will also audit the works and send reports to you.

We will appoint an accredited independent asbestos surveyor, who will survey the building, take samples and produce a report, which will be sent to you. We will then send the survey to 3 or more H&SE licensed asbestos removal companies for quotations and we will advise you of our recommendations and place an order for the work. We will supervise the operation and all relevant paperwork will be sent to you.

At this point we will be able to give you our costs to date and firm up the cost of the ongoing demolition operations.

demo-04Stage 2: With the above operations complete we can then formulate our Works Programme & Health & Safety Plan, submit to client and CDM Co-coordinator and appropriate bodies and commence demolition.

From here onwards it’s the normal high standards that Button-Linguard have been giving their clients for nearly half a century!

Interested? Then contact the writer for further information on

Phone: 01442 879440 e-mail: info@button-linguard.co.uk www.button-linguard.co.uk
We look forward to hearing from you soon and before you ask, you can cherry pick!
Roy Gibbons: Managing Director